Ethical Hacking Project List

Projects Specially designed for corporate / students

Remote Mirroring Application

URID# 1902121

Author: Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri

A tool is required to perform a remote mirroring function for a client/server machine. A portable agent which will be executed in the server and connects back with its client.

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Searching for Unofficial/illegitimate presence over the internet

URID# 1245161

Author: Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri

A Web based application is required to be developed using PHP/ASP/JSP/WEBRTC in which Google Dorking and keywords based searching will be used to find any unofficial presence of a company is hosted over the internet. Note: there will be a whitelisting of company official domains, URL, Web Links. a part from them all should be collected and counted in a blacklist

We have customize and added around 200+ domain in this open source tool called "Sherlock" use to populate data on behalf of usernames, email address, domain name.

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Auto Video Recorder

URID# 3802181

Author: Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri

This project allows a user to setup a domain using WEBRTC services which help to record video of the user using Cell phone, laptop having camera installed in it. Application would have the ability to record the live video of the victim front cam, ability to hide itself from being detected by any EndPoint Protection program.

The Program has been developed using PHP language and WEBRTC Protocol with customize programming.

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Automated Data Exfiltration

URID# 2917501

Author: Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri

This project allows a user to setup a vulnerable USB drive for the victim, as soon as the hacker plug in the USB drive in the system, it automatically execute the script and copy all the important files including (pptx, xlsx, docx, pdf, jpg, png, gif, txt, zip) etc. from the system and make a copy of these files in the system by creating a Hidden folder, once the copying process is done it than starts compressing and protecting the copied data in the disk. As soon as the data is copied it finally starts uploading the data to the cloud

The Program has been developed using batch script and assembly language

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Office 365 Phishing Email Malware Campaign

URID# 9201746

Author: Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri

This project allows a user to setup a vulnerable and fake Office 365 webpage in order to deceive the victim. As soon as the victim clicks on the fake URL, it will popup a page claiming to be an office 365 page. forcing the victim to enter the credentials, as soon as the victim will enter the credentials it will send the credentials to Hackers Cloud

The Program has been developed using PHP Language.

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Capture Public IP of Victim

URID# 2278995

Author: Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri

This project allows an intruder to setup an application and installed it in the victim machine. As soon as the victim will open the system it will automatically send public IP information to the hacker

The Program has been developed using C#. Net.

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What is the purpose of these publications?
  • To Get candidates aware about Ethical Hacking and its ongoing achievements, the field has a very huge diversification portfolio

    These Projects not only allow cyber security organisations to develop technologies that can prevent hackers from accessing devices, websites and networks but can lead businesses in the direction of understanding exactly what data is compromised. Digital forensics experts are able to explore networks and probe security event logs, network traffic, and access credentials to offer closure on a cyber attack.

Does All the mentioned projects are open sourced?
  • No, Not all the projects hosted in Ethical Hacking Projects section are open sourced, most of them are self prepared and most of them requires programming and script writing which we did by own own.

    For Every project, I found the best workaround and the ease solution which could help investigator to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.

Can We Receive Update against the Mentioned projects or Future Projects?
  • Yes, invividuals can subscribe over the email to get theirselves registered.

    We Appreciate comments which we receive in the form of improvement and modifications. we encourage inviduals to provide their input against any of the project by Refering Project Name, Suggested Area of Improvement to info@ubaidjafri.com

Is there any privacy issue for the user?
  • We have scrutinized all the mentioned projects and also assess their communication, project and tools used in the mentioned projects are not vulrable to breach user privacy as of July 2022.

    Please Note: User / Individual also need to make sure to double check the statement by their own.